Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Character design

I'm really keen to develop a stronger approach with the use of mixed media in the character work that I'm doing.  So many character designs for commercial animation are brilliant and beautifully executed, but have a very typical and generic look.  I want to experiment and try something different. 

observational studies

It'd be good to post my observational stuff regularly.  It'll keep the ol' "oomph" up.  I find it easier to check the progress when the work is online rather than scrawling through screeds of sketchbooks.  You always tend to go through stages of drawing obsessiveness and then becoming a drawing bum.  Never stop sketching.  I do wish in times of panicking,"what do I do next" I still at least kept sketching or painting.  Anyway, blah, blah...I'm back!   

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Violetta at her dressing table

Inspired by Sheena Alexander's short story, "Violeta Was A Violin"

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Character Design

Two quick character sketches, pencil drawings coloured using Photoshop. I didn't spend too much time doing them as I got to a point where I felt I would rather move on. More of a practice run, to get my colouring speed up and feel more comfortable painting in this way. Although I see so much of this style around. I intend to strengthen skills in both mixed media and digital painting, to be able to confidently combine the two and adapt style to suit the character of what I'm doing.

Quick life-drawing Sketches

A rather unflattering drawing of mum. Much to her dismay I continue to draw her. I'm surprised I managed to complete this because she's unbelievably rubbish at keeping still.

A 20 minutish quick sketch of Nick having a kip.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Links to Movie Clips

Below is a list of links showing projects I have previously worked on. The access to some of the footage has been extremely limited so I have posted what I can.
I have detailed my role in the scene and what characters I had worked on below as well as noting the timecode for the specific parts I worked on.

Titeuf Le Film and The Illusionist

Here is the link to the trailer for Titeuf. I was working on this project for 6 months as animator and clean-up artist.

The Illusionist

Role: In-between and Clean-up artist
Characters: Tati-0.21-0.25
Female Singer-0.36-1.12

Role: In-between and Clean-up artist
Characters: Tati-10.14-10.24