Sunday, April 29, 2012


Life-drawing from over the past couple of classes.  Some really great exercises we did in class to make us really think about what we were doing and re-train how you're looking at what you're drawing: 30 second, 1 minute sketches are great pre-studies which really help you to loosen up physically and have a more realxed approach.  It's really more about capturing a gesture/line of action rather than an accurate drawing.

After doing the left-handed studies during the warm-up exercises, I found when it came to do longer poses I was starting from the bottom up!  Which felt extrememly weird.  For some reason it didn't feel comfortable to start from the facial features, working my way around and down!  Which I normally do.  For both the drawings above I started from probably the most awkward angle-the one on the right, after roughly sketching the overall pose, I started from the armpit and worked my way out and up.  The one on the left was started from the hands.

Monkey Man!!  I really enjoyed this though.  This was a semi-blind drawing.  It was roughly a 7 minute drawing, I had glanced at it to find my place maybe about 4/5 times throughout.
These were the warm-up exercises.  We were asked to draw with our "non-writing hand" (!).  I felt these were really alot stronger than my right hand.  My expectations were low of my left-handed drawings, so I just went for it.  My right handed drawings were weaker after doing this exercise, I was too concious of creating a good drawing, it really stopped me from observing wel.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Whizz Palace-final rough

This is the final rough for The Whizz Palace, the sound club taken from the  11 Second Club The timing in places doesn't work too well, but I really got to the stage where I wanted to move on, I wanted to finish it!  But I wanted to move on.  The plan is to get through a few of these, rough them out, then choose a few to smooth out and clean up.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Whizz Palace

Working on this animation at the moment.  The sound clip has been taken from the 11 Second Club, February's Competition.  It is a bit clunky in places but really enjoying working through ideas and after doing alot of symbol animation in Flash recently, it's so nice to be DRAWING!  So rather than scooting around from various projects that I have on the go, I'm really aiming to get this finished, at least to an intitial fully roughed state. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life-Drawing-5th April 2012

I really enjoyed this session.  We mainly did quick studies, beginning with 1min poses.  The longest poses we did were 15/20 mins.  It was a bit of a shocker, and eye opener, when at the end of the session I really felt the best drawings I had done were the ones that I wasn't even looking at!  They were certainly the most interesting drawings of my night and I loved the confidence in the line.  This is certainly a great exercise to help re-train your drawing brain.