Sunday, April 29, 2012


Life-drawing from over the past couple of classes.  Some really great exercises we did in class to make us really think about what we were doing and re-train how you're looking at what you're drawing: 30 second, 1 minute sketches are great pre-studies which really help you to loosen up physically and have a more realxed approach.  It's really more about capturing a gesture/line of action rather than an accurate drawing.

After doing the left-handed studies during the warm-up exercises, I found when it came to do longer poses I was starting from the bottom up!  Which felt extrememly weird.  For some reason it didn't feel comfortable to start from the facial features, working my way around and down!  Which I normally do.  For both the drawings above I started from probably the most awkward angle-the one on the right, after roughly sketching the overall pose, I started from the armpit and worked my way out and up.  The one on the left was started from the hands.

Monkey Man!!  I really enjoyed this though.  This was a semi-blind drawing.  It was roughly a 7 minute drawing, I had glanced at it to find my place maybe about 4/5 times throughout.
These were the warm-up exercises.  We were asked to draw with our "non-writing hand" (!).  I felt these were really alot stronger than my right hand.  My expectations were low of my left-handed drawings, so I just went for it.  My right handed drawings were weaker after doing this exercise, I was too concious of creating a good drawing, it really stopped me from observing wel.


L ROSSI said...

Lovely post - lots of food for thought!
Those lefty sketches are great! Are you sure you're not left handed? :P

photo to painting said...

I love these sketches, very inspiring!Lovely post - lots of food for idea!

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