Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year

So.  Sky Arts series, Portrait Artist of The Year is now been shown on the Sky Arts and Sky HD Channels.  Be sure to check it out.  All heats were held in Glasgow, London Cardiff and Dublin.  You can see me in the Dublin heats!

Below was my entry for the application.  I have to say, a pretty rough piece!  Left-handed and a bit of an awkward pose.  Mostly due to the positioning of the mirror on my lap, getting the right light, setting it up in the right angle, not having sufficient furniture in the flat to position said mirror and art materials and paper.  But also wanting to watch Most Haunted on the laptop.

Just to add to this, you can check out a clip, featuring myself and Pauline McLynn from the Sky Arts Portrait artist of the Year, here:

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year: Pauline McLynn


L Rossi said...

Awesome painting! n.n

Kyla Tomlinson said...
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Kyla Tomlinson said...

Cheers Laurent, it was a left-handed pastel jobbie. Wee bit of a long story to explain why it was left-handed! But being able to watch Most Haunted on my laptop was part of it. This was my entry for Sky Arts Portrait of the Year competition, now being shown on Sky Arts!