Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Art Collective Chat!

I have FINALLY got this out of my SYSTEM!! Little bit of polishing needed here in the ol production, but I'll learn on the way. So I'd like to eventually get others involved, lets share the work we do and let others know about it, but first I have to work out how to do it first!
I'm planning to do a video to accompany the meetups we have as a way of letting folks know what we're up to. But I'll see what time allows!
Anyway, here's the first one. I'm cringing and sweaty palming in good measure putting it out there, but got to start somewhere, right!??

I'll continue to post this paintings work in progress

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Observational blind drawing...

Something I've been enjoying more and more is the practice of blind drawing.  It really frees you in your drawing, opens you up to a style or a way of working in your line that you may not have naturally come to.  It's easy to get frustrated with drawing when it feels you're trying to control the lind too much.  Blind drawing lifts you out from that.  Fun stuff!